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If we met for coffee

Shamelessly stealing a brilliant idea from the lovely Sammy D. at bemuzin

If we met for coffee this weekend, it would be at a unique little café with exposed brick walls, mismatched vintage furniture, and delightfully kitschy items tucked into various nooks and crannies just waiting to be discovered.

We would grab a couple of comfy armchairs or a spot at a cozy corner table, sip our hot beverages of choice (a strong, piping hot Americano for me – what will you have?) from real mugs instead of paper to-go cups, and let time slip away as we chatted and laughed and solved all the world’s problems.

hot chocolate

I would tell you that I visited the doctor yesterday about my month-old cold, and that she wasn’t at all concerned but did load me up with various remedies to help my persistent cough. I would laugh as I mentioned that she noticed the fading scar on my chest and asked how I got it, prompting me to share (with amusedly self-deprecating embarrassment) my cautionary tale of pączki and microwave ovens.

We’d talk at length about what we’ve been reading, and I’d eagerly ask for recommendations to satisfy my recent voracious craving for books. I’d probably wax poetic about my new Kindle Paperwhite, (hopefully) stopping and moving on to something else before your eyes glazed over with boredom.

I would tell you about a couple of the social events I’m looking forward to attending – a 60th birthday party for a good friend this weekend, and next week a live VIP full dress rehearsal for The Tenors‘ PBS taping of their upcoming new record release (Under One Sky).

We would commiserate about the weather, and grump about having to turn the clocks ahead, but smile as we realized that Spring is just around the corner.

If we met for coffee, what would you tell me?
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