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If we met for coffee

If we met for coffee, I’d immediately collapse into a chair in an exhausted heap (after first ordering the strongest cup of espresso possible!), because I’d need some time to recover after a tiring couple of weeks’ worth of organizing, cleaning, sorting, cleaning, catching up on long-neglected chores – oh, and did I mention cleaning?

I’d talk about how pleased I was to have finally finished tidying and organizing my home office, which is now in the best shape it’s ever been. It seemed as though there were always little odds and ends that needed to be done in there – a closet door that had come off its track, cords and cables exposed and acting as trip hazards, bits and pieces that ended up in my space but actually belonged elsewhere, and so on – but today, with the exception of a couple of cords that will be re-routed after I buy a new power bar tomorrow, it’s all about as complete as it can be. Yay me!

Life is good

I’d mention that I just started a new schedule at work, adding five extra hours to each week, and how glad I am a) to be earning some extra money and b) to still have Mondays off.

I’d ruefully share the unfortunate discovery Peter and I made a couple of weeks ago as we were organizing the basement – several spots where at least one (possibly/probably more) of the cats have been marking their territory (and, needless to say, NOT in any of their three litterboxes). I’d tell you how upset we were to have to throw away a number of items that were being kept in cardboard boxes but were now ruined, particularly a whole bunch of paper memorabilia that was waiting to be stuck into scrapbooks. No, we didn’t lose anything particularly valuable in monetary terms, but many of the things I had to toss were definitely of emotional worth to me. (Lesson learned – a stack of plastic totes were purchased for storage and every bit of cardboard was removed from the basement!)

Then, moving on to much happier things, I’d show off my fresh new haircut and gush about how much I love, love, love my wonderful stylist (and hope she never, ever retires)!

Haircut day - yay! #hair #haircut #hairstyle

And of course I’d excitedly tell you that we are counting down until my parents and sister come to Windsor for a visit – just a few days left now, and we are SO looking forward to seeing them! Luckily we have LOTS to keep us busy between now and then (remember that cleaning thing I mentioned earlier?!), so I’m sure the time will fly by and they will be here before we know it.

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