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I don’t like Sundays

I‘ve never been able to figure out precisely why, but Sundays don’t seem to sit well with me. They never have. At best, the day elicits a vague sense of melancholy and unsettledness that nags at the back of my mind no matter how I try to distract myself. At worst, it begins with a bad sleep on Saturday night (insomnia, disturbing dreams, etc.), which leads to a (usually unsuccessful) attempt at a nap on Sunday afternoon, continues into a restless and intermittent sleep on Sunday night, and culminates in a capital “M” Monday.

Today seems to be falling closer to the “worst” end of the spectrum (though of course I can’t yet document what is to come), so I can’t say I’m looking forward overmuch to tonight and tomorrow!

I remember reading an article, many years ago now, exploring the fact that many people struggle with Sundays in much the same way as I do. Funny… I’d always figured that it was “just me” – I had no idea I was part of some strange phenomenon! Unfortunately, the article didn’t offer much in the way of strategies to get past this struggle; regardless, it was a comfort to know that I wasn’t alone.

Anyway, I really hope I can sleep tonight.

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