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“Health reform’s human stories”

I confess:  I have a daily MSNBC habit.  Most weekday evenings find my husband and I sitting faithfully in front of the TV watching The Rachel Maddow Show as we eat our dinner, followed by Countdown with Keith Olbermann.  Ahhh… two hours of sheer bliss for this politics junkie!  I wouldn’t miss Rachel or Keith for the world… unless, of course, the Vancouver Canucks are playing at the same time (and even then I download their podcasts and watch them on my commute to work the next day)!  Yes, I am indeed a fan.

One segment on tonight’s Countdown particularly moved me, and I wanted to share it with those who may have missed the show.

Over the past few weeks, Countdown has been working with The National Association of Free Clinics in raising funds to host free clinics for the uninsured in several locations across the U.S., and this past Saturday one such clinic was held in New Orleans.  The following is Keith’s coverage of the event, including his reading (in heartbreaking completeness) of an article by Countdown Senior Producer Rich Stockwell:  Health reform’s human stories – Countdown producer bears witness to America’s health care shortcomings.

The last line of Stockwell’s article resonated with me:

I am left with one overwhelming question: what does it say about us as a nation of people who can live in a country so rich and yet allow this to continue?

What, indeed, politicians? You have the power to change this… so what will you do?

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