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Good things I expect in September

Despite the anxiety we’re facing in light of my husband’s upcoming surgery, there will also be plenty of fun and happy events to be enjoyed this month! As a reminder to keep my attitude and life in balance, I thought I’d take a few minutes to note some of the good things I expect September to bring.

  • An afternoon out enjoying another professional pedicure with a friend – probably the last of this summer season. So glad I was introduced to this delightful treat!
  • The launch of the iPhone 5, at which point I hope to finally join the smartphone era (and add to my growing collection of and love for iThings!).
  • Ongoing walks with my walking group. Maybe we’ll see some gorgeous leaf colour changes this month?
  • Girls’ book club – always a fun evening!
  • An extra-special mixed book club event – dinner for all at the home of one of the members (who, incidentally, happens to be an amazing cook!).
  • The startup of an Italian language class for which I’m registered (this is a hope rather than a guarantee, unfortunately, as low registration numbers may mean that the course is cancelled. Here’s hoping several Windsorites are inspired to sign up for Italian language lessons over the next week or so!).
  • The first day of fall – my most favourite season of all.
  • Girls’ dinner out at a restaurant with, among other delightful menu items, The Yummiest Pecan Pie EVER, served with homemade Bourbon ice cream.

What good things are you anticipating in September?

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