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Going… Going… Gone!

When you’re trying to achieve a long-term goal and it feels as though your destination is way too far in the distance, visual motivators can be a helpful way to stay encouraged throughout the process. Along these lines, an idea that I ran across on Pinterest caught my attention, and I thought I’d give it a try.

I present to you my “Going… Going… Gone!” project!

Going, Going, Gone

This set of jars turns my weight loss goals into something visual. The “Going… Going…” jar is full of pebbles that represent the weight I want to lose (one pebble for each pound), while each pebble in the “Gone!” jar stands for a pound that I’ve already successfully lost. Now, in addition to the weekly motivation of getting on the scale, I have the added incentive of being able to transfer more pebbles to my “Gone!” jar (and hopefully never move them back in the other direction!).

I didn’t spend any money on this project – I just used things I already had in the house. It’s not at all fancy, it might look a little silly, and you may even think it’s childish… but I love it. Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit for my success, so to me, these silly little jars of pebbles are a visual pat on the back for how well I’ve done and how far I’ve come – and another way of reminding myself that I can and promising myself that I will succeed in reaching my goals.

Do you use visual reminders to help you meet your goals?
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