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Getting Organized: Project Mudroom

Warning: Dull home organizational post ahead, written to satisfy my NaBloPoMo commitment and likely of interest to no one but myself. Consider yourself warned!

We’ve lived in our new house for just over two months now, and are ever so slowly getting the place organized, one area at a time. Tired of the clutter that was rapidly building up in the small add-on off the kitchen at the back of the house, I decided to designate today “Project Mudroom” with the goal of getting that corner of our home in order.

Go ahead and laugh if you will (that is, if the warning at the start didn’t drive you away and you’re still reading), but I love having a mudroom! OK, so maybe love is too strong a word to use in the same sentence as mudroom… but having that room makes me happy on some basic level. We didn’t have one in our last place, which meant that the front entrance got pretty messy at times. I’m finding that it’s great to be able to come into the house through the back door, take off your dirty or wet footwear, and put on a pair of clean slippers to take you through to the rest of the house. It’s also so much nicer to have everything you need at your fingertips when you leave the house – coats, scarves, gloves – instead of having to traipse throughout the house in a hunt for the necessary outdoor wear.

One of the ways I motivate myself to get on with a household project is to buy something that helps me organize the area. In this case, it was one of these Super Garment Racks. Shortly after we moved in we purchased one for our dressing room (old house, small closets) and loved it, so when I saw it was on sale for 50% off I knew it was a sign that it was time to get on with Project Mudroom.

So now, though it’s by no means fancy, we now have a functioning mudroom! I feel such a great sense of accomplishment.

Now, if I could only find it in me to take down the Christmas tree…

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