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Fat: The hardest word

I can say overweight and plus-sized, usually with a reasonable degree of comfort.

I can say, with only some hesitation, big, large, and heavy.

I can say chubby, round, and, laughingly, gourd-shaped (à la my dear husband).

It’s a whole lot harder to say FAT.


I would prefer to use died rather than the euphemism of passed away, yet shrink from fat.

Fat is raw and harsh and laden with the baggage of embarrassment, discomfort, and insecurity.

Fat is cruelty, judgment, looks of disgust.

Fat is pointing and snickering.

Fat is disappointment.

Fat is failure.

What is the hardest word for you to say?
Please share!

(Originally posted in November, 2012.)

NaBloPoMo February 2014

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