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DVD night

DH and I have been members of Zip.ca (kind of like Netflix for Canadians) since last fall and, for the most part, usually end up watching a movie a week as part of our membership. It’s a great and fairly inexpensive way to catch up on films missed the first time around (and in my case there are many!) or to revisit old favourites.

Tonight’s DVD was Gandhi – an old favourite for DH, but one I (believe it or not) had never seen. I’m very glad to have finally watched this excellent film, as it educated me on an incredibly important and influential historical figure and time.

In the end I’m left with mixed feelings of both encouragement and despair… the former because of the conviction it’s possible to feel and the courage and strength available to demonstrate said conviction (“You must be the change you want to see in the world”); the latter at the many ways we manage to find to hurt each other in the name of politics, religion, ethnicity (“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”).

Much food for thought.

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