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The dreaded elevator pitch

So, what do you blog about?”

You know, for “nicheless” life blogs such as Alphabet Salad written by non-specialist bloggers like yours truly, that can be a rather daunting question! When your blog has no specific theme or focus and your post on any given day might be about this, that, or something in between, it’s difficult to summarize what you do in a concise, intriguing little sentence that a) doesn’t sound awkward and stilted and b) sparks further conversation. I’ve always found it challenging (perhaps my fellow non-niche bloggers can relate?) to come up with a quick explanation that doesn’t make me and my blog sound terribly dull and unremarkable (because I’d like to think we’re neither dull NOR unremarkable!) or completely random, scattered, and rudderless.


Sometimes I think it would be easier to describe what my blog ISN’T… but then that gets muddy too.

“Alphabet Salad isn’t a food blog… though I’ve posted some recipes on occasion, and oh yeah, I did this Meatless Monday thing for awhile…”

“Alphabet Salad isn’t an art or photography blog… though I do talk about tangling and share some of the pictures I make and take…”

“Alphabet Salad isn’t a health and fitness blog… though I do on occasion write about body image and diet…”

“Alphabet Salad isn’t a humour blog… though my writing has been known to make people laugh on occasion (whether intentionally or not!)…”

“Alphabet Salad isn’t a book or TV or movie review blog… though sometimes I do talk about what I’m reading and watching…”

“Alphabet Salad isn’t a product review and giveaway blog… though I HAVE written some reviews and hosted some giveaways…”

“Alphabet Salad isn’t a parenting blog… though I do on occasion talk about my fur kids…”

…and on and on and on. I think you get the picture! And you know what? That whole section I just wrote pretty much explains exactly why I decided to name my blog Alphabet Salad – the ingredients that make up this space are an eclectic assortment of words, all tossed together and served up as a taste of my life and thoughts. Nice idea, but not very compelling when it comes time to introduce myself.


Now in just two weeks I’ll be heading to BlogHer ’14 where I’ll be asked THAT question – “So, what do you blog about?” – at least a million times (give or take a couple hundred)… and I’m panicking a little, as even after all these years of blogging and two previous BlogHer conferences under my belt I STILL haven’t come to terms with the dreaded elevator pitch. I WAS going to go with an answer like, “I blog about life as I live it” but have been told (and I tend to agree!) that this is far too boring (I believe the actual quote was, “Would you buy that book?”).

So please, help a nicheless life blogger out! If you’ve ever been in a similar position, how did you figure it out? If YOU were the writer of Alphabet Salad, how would YOU answer the question, “So, what do you blog about?” in just one attention-capturing, conversation-promoting sentence?

Got any ideas for me to take to BlogHer ’14?
I’m all ears – please share!


NaBloPoMo July 2014

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