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Do Just One Thing

One of the gifts I received this year was a 2010 Box Calendar called “Do Just One Thing” by Eco-Expert Danny Seo featuring “hundreds of tips to help save money and the environment.” The very first tear-off for January 1, 2010 reads as follows (emphasis mine):

Welcome to the Do Just One Thing calendar! To get you started, here’s the easiest and most thoughtful idea: share these eco tips with others! Throughout the year, save the pages and staple them to a message board, slip them into note cards or bind them together in a small booklet. Or re-type the tips and add them to your e-mails, personal blog or Web site. If we all did just one thing, imagine the possibilities.

This has inspired me to make it a goal to share the tips from this calendar here in my blog throughout 2010, in the hopes that they may inspire others. I may or may not offer personal commentary (depending on the nature of the tip), and will aim to post daily (but will do catch-up entries if life gets in the way and I happen to fall behind).

So, without further ado, here is the post for January 2/3, 2010:

Now when it comes to outdoor lighting, here’s where compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs can be both handy and energy-efficient. Look for outdoor CFL bug lights; they’re yellow-coated to help keep bugs away (which are attracted to bright, white lights), but they still illuminate outdoor areas you need lit. Also, look for floodlights with a CFL bulb embedded inside. This is a great option for hard-to reach lights because you won’t have to replace them as often.

Hope you follow along with me throughout the year, and are inspired on occasion to do just one thing!

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