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Construction Zone

My choice to share yesterday’s Urban Serenity post was rather timely, I must say. I got up this morning and started the process of getting ready for the day and, right in the middle of brushing my teeth, watched with dismay as the water slowed to a trickle and then finally stopped altogether, leaving

me standing at the sink with a foamy mouthful of toothpaste.

I finished the job as best as one can with no water and then, grumbling and muttering, headed downstairs to check the mail. Sure enough, stuffed into the box was a bright yellow IMPORTANT NOTICE WATER SHUT OFF tag (which, needless to say, was NOT there when I checked yesterday) informing us that we would be a waterless household until noon.

Obviously a shower was going to be out of the question.


Thankfully I’d filled a couple of water jugs and stashed them in the fridge, so I was able to make my morning coffee – which I drank (trying to ignore the lingering taste of mint) as I watched the chaos unfolding outside our home.

roadwork01 roadwork02

Beautiful, isn’t it?

So that’s been my day so far. I suppose I could try to make this post more meaningful and valuable by exploring the whole “under construction” thing as it applies to life, but I can’t say I’m in a particularly contemplative mood at the moment. Maybe another day.

Meanwhile, here’s to the weekend!

NaBloPoMo May 2014

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