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I‘m having a whole lot of fun redecorating this blog – learning the ins and outs of the Thesis Theme (which is, thankfully, getting easier as time goes on), finding photos of vintage typewriters1 to rotate through the multimedia box, choosing colours and fonts and widgets. I swear I could do this sort of thing all day long – sometimes I really have to force myself to get up from my desk and go do something that doesn’t involve the computer!

Yesterday evening, after several consecutive days of staying at home (I think the last time I left the house was to shop for groceries on Monday!), I did just that: my husband and I braved the weather and headed out to book club. It was our first time there, so we were meeting a bunch of people we’d never seen before, and weren’t sure what to expect. I’m so glad we went! Honestly, sometimes I get so wrapped up in my online life and connections – particularly now that I’m working from home and communicating with my co-workers electronically – that I forget just how important face-to-face human contact is.

Spending a couple of hours with interesting people also made me realize that I really need to get on with making some good friends in this city. For various reasons – different lifestyles, moves, conflicting schedules, laziness, and so on – over the past several years I’ve suffered from a dearth of available friends to call up for a chat, or visit with over coffee (more in this post). I knew it, but never really felt it as acutely until I moved to a new city where I only knew one person outside my household. I guess when I was back in Victoria, the daily in-person contact I had with my co-workers was enough to somewhat fill the void, but now that this contact has shifted to long-distance I’m really noticing my lack of “real life” friends.

Book club was my first tentative foray into establishing contacts in my new city, and though I don’t know where it will go or if any friendships will develop because of it, I’m pleased with the start.

Do you have many good friends in your own city? How do you go about meeting new people?

1 It does occur to me that the term “vintage typewriters” is rather redundant…

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