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Conference: BlissDom Canada 2015

You might remember when I wrote earlier this year that I would not be attending BlogHer ’15 this summer. It was tough to come to that decision, and I was (and still am) incredibly disappointed to have to miss out on what has become a much-anticipated annual event on my personal blogging calendar, but from a financial perspective it is absolutely the right thing for me to do.

Since then, though, I’ve been doing some digging and have discovered an event called BlissDom Canada. From their web site:

BlissDom Canada draws 400+ of Canada’s top social media influencers for a weekend of professional development, networking, opportunity and FUN.

This is THE premiere event to engage and build relationships with the women’s market in Canada.

The conference is going to be held in October of this year, in Ontario (that would be MY province of residence, just in case you weren’t aware!), and I can think of several very compelling reasons why it might be not only possible, but also a Really Good Idea, for me to attend.

  • I could easily drive to and from the conference location – it’s around four hours away from my home! – which would be considerably less expensive than flying.
  • Ticket fees, accommodations, etc. will all be in Canadian dollars, so I wouldn’t have to factor in the US exchange rate (which makes an enormous difference to the bottom line).
  • The conference is in Canada and created for Canadians, which tells me right away that the information and opportunities being presented would be highly relevant and accessible to me and my blog (which in my experience is not always the case at a US-based event).

It’s so exciting to consider this! I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be able to get there – but tickets don’t go on sale until April, so I have some time to think and plan.

Trying to decide...

I DO know that I am keeping this one on my radar!

Have you ever attended a BlissDom Canada conference?
Please share!

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