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After years of tossing and turning on the hard and poke-y springs of the old, uncomfortable, instrument of torture that was my far past its prime bed, I finally have something new in my life.

King-sized, pillow-topped, heaven-in-a-mattress.

This miracle in sleep technology is not so much a bed as it is a floating island of somnolent comfort. In it, I don’t so much sleep as slumber in cozy, lazy, blissful repose.

After the best day, after the worst day, after a nothing special day, climbing into this bed and sinking myself into its welcoming plushness is like one last hug, a warm goodnight, a reminder that tomorrow is still new and fresh.

This bed is my dream.

#FMSphotoaday November 13 - Where you slept

Written for GBE 2: Blog On
WEEK #106 (5-26-13 to 6-1-13): Comfort

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