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Can people really change?

A tangential discussion at our book club meeting the other night prompted a train of thought I’ve often followed in the past, and have now been mulling over ever since.

Can people really change?

It may sound like a fairly simple question with a clear-cut answer, but when you dig a little bit deeper you begin to unearth so much more.

What about developing new, better habits and sticking with them permanently?

What about lasting personal growth, and not having to repeat the same lessons learned over and over again?

What about successfully undergoing a complete lifestyle change?

What about overcoming social or psychological disorders?

What about the role of outside influences such as medication, counseling, etc.?

What about abusive behaviour?

What about criminal rehabilitation?

I’m not going to devote much space in this post to my own thoughts on the matter, because I’d love to hear your unbiased thoughts and perspectives.

So what do you think?

Can people really change?

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