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Buy Local: The Olde Walkerville Pharmacy

(Note: This post was originally published in a separate blog called “Why Windsor…”, which was later merged with Alphabet Salad.)

This is a guest post from my husband, Peter James.

I’m new to Windsor and love the adventure of finding stores and services that fulfill my desire to “shop locally.”

pillsI’m determined to try as best as I can to keep money that I spend here in Windsor, here, and not give it to some large corporation based somewhere else. This, in my opinion, aids local businesses and therefore helps keep them successful as well as providing tax monies for the city. Plus, I’ve found that smaller business owners and staff will recognize me, provide more efficient, personal service, and make my day-to-day routines much more pleasant.

With that said, I would like to recommend a local pharmacy that has fulfilled all of my wants and been a very pleasant surprise.

I was wandering our neighbourhood (Walkerville) and came upon a complete gem of a find, namely, “The Olde Walkerville Pharmacy” at 1701 Wyandotte Street. Stepping in the door I was amazed at the atmosphere and character of the place: wood floors, spacious aisles, and a hearty, “How are you, sir?” greeting from the staff.

I asked the pharmacist, Francesco Vella (who was there and very friendly), about transferring my prescriptions from my pharmacy in Victoria to Windsor, and he said that it would be no problem. There was no hemming or hawing or excuses, and it was very refreshing. Since then I have had my prescriptions filled there and marveled at the speed and knowledge shown. The free delivery and service made this chore a real pleasure in that I feel someone knows my needs ahead of me.

Speaking to the staff I discovered that they will order supplies ahead of my requirements in an effort to provide seamless service. I’m not just a faceless group of prescription numbers on a computer, served by a person I’ll never know. Instead I’m a valued customer whose name and wants are remembered.

I have learned that large corporations are trying like the dickens to make life for small pharmacies harder and harder. This is a shame, in my opinion, as I feel these hometown business owners need support rather than red tape obstacles placed in their way.

This, and the wonderful service, are the reasons that I have brought my drugstore business to The Olde Walkerville Pharmacy.

Peter James

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