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Bloggy Housekeeping

Well, I gave the Livefyre commenting system a try on my various blogs, and loved it for awhile. I particularly appreciated how it would magically transport the comments people made on my Facebook page into my blog.

Nice feature!

Sadly, though, the latest Livefyre update has proven (at least in my case) to be a bit of a mess – duplicate comments, comments showing up on my dashboard but not on my blog itself, comments only showing up on my blog when using certain browsers to view the page… that sort of thing. Even the comments and replies imported from Facebook no longer indicated that they were from Facebook, but were all mixed in with the comments and replies posted on my blog itself, which was incredibly confusing.

So now I’ve made the move back to my tried-and-true built-in commenting system along with a plug-in that allows you to follow replies if you so choose, and also the popular CommentLuv plugin (which I’d always been sad to lose). I hope the various changes haven’t proven to be too much of a pain to my lovely readers, and that you will (continue to) comment freely! 🙂

(Now if I could only find a way to import my Facebook page comments into my posts, I’d be a truly happy blogger…)

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