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Blogging inspiration

You know how sometimes you read something that is so spot-on, so exactly what you needed to hear, that you almost wonder if the writer was somehow able to read your mind and understand precisely what had to be spoken at that very moment?

For me, today, it was this post by Sabrina at Much Needed Advice for Women.

It’s easy to become discouraged with the effort and energy you spend on blogging when you feel as though your words are being sent out into the void, lost among the multitudes of other bloggers sending their words out into the void. It’s easy to develop a “poor me why do I bother” attitude when people don’t subscribe, or comment, or “like” quite as fast or as often as you wish they would. On the other hand, it’s easy to forget that WE are responsible for doing our part to help people find us, for making our own blogs and writing stand out from the crowd in some way, for taking the time and making the effort to pay it forward to other bloggers. If we don’t take these responsibilities seriously, we shouldn’t be surprised or hurt when we don’t receive the desired response!

So thank you, Sabrina, for speaking some important words I needed to hear today.

No more passive self-pity – instead, action!

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