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Archive 2004: Rosettes

(Note: This post was written by Laurel Regan and originally published in a separate blog called “Fibre Yarns”, which was later merged with Alphabet Salad.)

Adapted from LiveJournal entry originally posted October 17th, 2004:

I made two rosettes today, following a pattern from the Lion Brand site. Though they’re done in fairly obnoxious (read: scrap wool) colours – teal green and scarlet red – they’re quite cute! Unfortunately, the fact that they’re not flat makes it pointless to scan them, but maybe I’ll take them to work this week and take some digital pics of them. (As an aside, hubby and I are talking about buying a digital camera, next time I get any kind of significant bonus. I really really want one!)

I’m finding that the actual crochet stitches are quite easy to learn… what’s difficult is reading the darn patterns! The skill level for this project is shown as “Easy”… and the actual crocheting did turn out to be easy… but being a crocheting newbie, I had a devil of a time trying to decipher the pattern. I ended up using a combination of common sense, trial and error, and going to Stitchguide to watch the video clips for the V-Stitch and the Shell Stitch. I guess I must have done it right (or at least passably right), though, ’cause the finished product does look like a flower!

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