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Archive 2004: Dishcloth #3

(Note: This post was written by Laurel Regan and originally published in a separate blog called “Fibre Yarns”, which was later merged with Alphabet Salad.)

Adapted from LiveJournal entry originally posted December 8th, 2004:

I gave up on the dishcloth I was trying to make, and decided to make the Bernat Lacy Crochet Dishcloth instead.

I started on November 27th and finished the crocheting part on November 29th, then worked away at weaving in the ends over the following week, finishing up this past Sunday (December 5th). I managed to get some digital pictures yesterday, and this is the first chance I’m getting to post them.

I found the pattern to be very easy to follow, and thought it was quite pretty (my husband says it’s too pretty to use as a dishcloth!). HOWEVER… if you ever try to make it, don’t believe the pattern when it says that one ball of yarn is enough! I was using the correct hook size, and the exact type/amount of yarn called for, and I didn’t crochet particularly loosely… yet when I reached 7″ (it’s supposed to go to 11″), I only had enough yarn for a few more rows!

My dilemma was that I didn’t have any more yarn in the same colour… so I got creative. I ripped out the blue part back to 5.5″, then used the remainder of a ball of black yarn from Market Bag #1 to finish the cloth. The edging was done by alternating the blue and black. Sounds weird, but I actually kind of like the effect! The blue was a colour that didn’t particularly appeal to me, but set against the black, I quite like it.

Anyway, here are the pictures!








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