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Archive 2004: Dishcloth #1

(Note: This post was written by Laurel Regan and originally published in a separate blog called “Fibre Yarns”, which was later merged with Alphabet Salad.)

Adapted from LiveJournal entry originally posted October 19th, 2004:

I bought a ball of Bernat Cotton today (50g/1¾ oz, $2.00), and this evening I’ve been working on following the dishcloth pattern on the label. Based on the cotton dishcloths I have (both crochet and knit versions) which have been made for me in the past, it’s not exactly what I expected… it’s got a very loose, “hole-y” weave… but I think it’ll be useful nonetheless. However, I’m really noticing how different it is to work with cotton as opposed to acrylic or an acrylic/wool blend! I’m having a tough time keeping the tension consistent, as I find cotton really handles differently from what I’ve been getting used to. This dishcloth won’t be used anywhere outside my house, I’ll tell you that right now! 😉 But it’s all in the name of practice, right?!

On another note, our first Crochet Meetup is coming on Thursday evening… can’t wait! I’m going to take the rosettes and dishcloth to the meetup in the hopes that someone there would consider taking digital pictures for me, which I can then post in my LJ. I’m also hoping to get some expert advice on the correct way to do double crochet and half double crochet. When I tried to teach myself half double crochet the other night, I swear I followed the directions exactly, but my swatch steadily lost a stitch each row. ARGH!!! So, I went back and looked at the directions for double crochet, and discovered that (though what I did for my scarf worked), I hadn’t been following the directions properly – if I had, I would have lost a stitch each row as I did with the half double crochet! Maybe the diagram just isn’t making sense to me… who knows. Either way, I’m hoping someone can give me some input when they watch what I’m doing.

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