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Archive 2004: ARGH

(Note: This post was written by Laurel Regan and originally published in a separate blog called “Fibre Yarns”, which was later merged with Alphabet Salad.)

Adapted from LiveJournal entry originally posted November 27th, 2004:

All I really have to work with right now is a full ball of cotton worsted, so I decided to practice by making another dishcloth. I wanted to try learning something new, so I gave a Basketweave Dishcloth a shot.

Row 1 is no problem. Row 2 is no problem. It’s when I start Row 3 that I get stuck. I wish there was a way of finding out if I suck, or the pattern sucks, ’cause I just can’t get the number of stitches to work out properly! Four tries later, I’m getting really tired of ripping it all out. 🙁

Oh, the joys of teaching yourself.

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