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A great reason to move to Windsor

(Note: This post was written by Laurel Regan and originally published in a separate blog called “Why Windsor…”, which was later merged with Alphabet Salad.)

From WalletPop Canada, with thanks to a Facebook friend who posted these links on his profile:

Of the top ten Most Expensive Places to Live in Canada, Victoria, BC (my former city) is the fourth most expensive.

loose change

Of the top ten Least Expensive Places to Live in Canada, Windsor-Essex, ON (my new city!) is the fifth least expensive.

Obviously finances and cost of living aren’t the only considerations when the possibility of a big move is on the table, but I’d say they’re a pretty significant part of the decision. Statistics such as those presented in the above links definitely factored into our own decision-making process, and helped to push Windsor into top place on our checklist of must-haves.

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