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6 Words for Self-Improvement Month

A couple of weeks ago Eli Pacheco of Coach Daddy contacted me to ask if I’d like to join a group of bloggers in adding my thoughts to his upcoming 6 Word post for September. Yes, please! In order to participate, we were asked to consider and respond to the following question.

September is Self-Improvement Month. What’s one thing you’d like to upgrade about yourself, in six words?

make a wish

Here’s Eli’s post – please do take some time to check it out, as there’s some great stuff there: How We’d Improve Ourselves, in 6 Words.

As I thought about my own contribution, I started by mentally reeling off my usual self-improvement laundry list (you know, losing weight, getting in shape, saving money, blah-de-blah-de-blah) before settling on what I would really like, most of all, as an upgrade.

Confidence to be myself without apology.

In other words, saying goodbye to my default responses (taking things personally, caring too much, being embarrassed, feeling as though I’ve said or done or been something wrong) when others don’t like my ideas, my opinions, my looks, my hair, my weight, my style, my beliefs, my likes, my dislikes, my writing, my art, my way of expressing myself, who I am.

How to do it? Well, I’m not totally sure (though I suspect it starts with something as basic as losing the automatic, “It’s just me” response when someone picks up the phone!), but I’ll work on it and get back to you.

In the meantime…

What’s one thing you’d like to upgrade about yourself?
Please share!

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