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30DOC, Day 9

It was another great day in the sun, and I have the burn to prove it! This afternoon I, along with my husband and a friend, headed down to the riverfront for Carrousel of the Nations… another “first” for the two of us as Windsor newbies. We enjoyed some yummy international cuisine, browsed the vendor booths, and chatted over snacks and drinks as we listened to two different live bands. Fun times!

My husband headed home after a couple of hours, but my friend and I stayed on, as I had won two tickets to the VIP area of a live cooking demonstration by David Rocco and we didn’t want to miss it.

I’ve decided to be brave and share a picture of myself, even though the expression on my face is rather goofy (I’d just taken off my sunglasses and was squinting at the brightness!)… because David Rocco is in the photo and I want you to enjoy a bit of eye candy!

Me & David Rocco

Isn’t he lovely?!

His cooking demonstration was a lot of fun, and the smells wafting from the stage were mouth-wateringly delicious. Unfortunately we were a few rows back and therefore didn’t get to sample any of the food he made for us… boo! But I bought a copy of Made in Italy (which he signed for me after the show), so perhaps I can attempt to replicate it on my own time.

As a plus, Made in Italy turns out to be more than a cookbook – just flipping through the pages is a treat for the eyes, as it’s filled with gorgeous photos of food, Italy, and (ahem) David Rocco. 🙂

After a day in the hot sun and a walk home after the events, all I could think about was downing a glass or two of icy cold water. So today’s 30 Days of Creativity prompt turned out to be, once again, rather relevant!

June 9, 2012 prompt:
WATER – Whether you’re drinking, swimming, or bathing, it still makes up at least 50% of you.

06-09-2012 30DOC

(If you want to see this in all its imperfect waxy goodness, clicking on the photo will take you to the larger version on Flickr.)

In case you missed it, this is what I’m doing throughout the month of June, and why. I’ll be posting all of my projects to my 30 Days of Creativity 2012 board on Pinterest.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

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