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30DOC, Day 6

Sometimes things don’t go quite the way you’d planned. All sorts of grand ideas and expectations may have paraded their way through your mind, exciting you with their possibilities, but somehow when the time came for them to be implemented… well, for whatever reason, things just didn’t quite work out the way you’d hoped.

So what do you do next?

The way I see it, you have several choices.

  1. Keep persevering until you’re able to force things to fit into your preconceived vision.
  2. Give up in frustration and walk away, all the while beating yourself up for your failure to perform.
  3. Surrender gracefully and move on.
  4. Let go of your original expectations, change directions, and make the best of the situation.

I think which direction you pursue is influenced by your personality and outlook, but also depends on insight into the value and importance (or lack thereof) of the issue at hand.

So, for today’s 30 Days of Creativity creation, which completely failed to live up to my expectations, I choose 4!

June 6, 2012 prompt:
PINBALL – Head on down to the local arcade and get your game on.

06-06-2012 30DOC

(If you want to see this in all its imperfect waxy goodness, clicking on the photo will take you to the larger version on Flickr.)

In case you missed it, this is what I’m doing throughout the month of June, and why. I’ll be posting all of my projects to my 30 Days of Creativity 2012 board on Pinterest.

Here’s to making the best of the situation.

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