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2015 Word of the Year Linkup – One week down, one to go!

The first week of the new year has passed (and AWFULLY quickly, I might add!), as has the first week of the 2015 Word of the Year Linkup (click here if you missed the original post). Though we still have another 51 glorious weeks left in 2015 in which to put our words of the year into practice, there’s just ONE week left to share the post you’ve written about it in the linkup… so if you’ve chosen a word for 2015 but haven’t yet written a post and shared your link, it’s time to get cracking!

Word of the Year

I’m so excited by the response to the linkup so far, and have been incredibly inspired and moved by the wide variety of posts that have been shared. (If I haven’t yet visited and commented on your post, never fear! I receive notifications of every link that’s added, and promise I will get to every one, but am working through a bit of an e-mail backlog at the moment. All in good time!)

Even if you don’t plan to choose your own word for the year and write/share a post about it, I invite you to take some time to stop by and see what others are saying. There’s some great stuff out there! But if you DO want to share, here’s how you can get involved in the 2015 Word of the Year linkup:

  1. Write and post an entry in your own blog about the word you chose for 2015.
  2. Share the URL to your post by clicking the “add your link” button at the end of this post and filling out the information.
  3. Important! Please share the 2015 Word of the Year linkup with your blog readers by clicking the “get the InLinkz code” link at the end of this post and copy/pasting the appropriate code into your blog post.
  4. Visit some of the blogs listed in the linkup and comment on their posts.

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