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100 Happy Days – Days 89 & 90

Today’s happiness is actually in duplicate (hey, who wouldn’t want their happiness doubled occasionally?!), because even though I did take a 100 Happy Days photo yesterday, I didn’t write a 100 Happy Days post. I shared my photo on Instagram, and also featured it here… but just in case you missed it, I thought I’d include the picture today so that it has an official 100 Happy Days home of its own on Alphabet Salad.

100 Happy Days – Day 89

Yesterday’s happiness was brought to you by Zazzle! They very kindly sent three “cozy up for winter” goodies for me to review, and I was absolutely delighted with them. Creature comforts like this mean a lot to me, especially when the coldness and darkness of winter rears its head, so I was happy and grateful to be all set up for a season of comfy evenings on the couch.

100 Happy Days - Day 89

100 Happy Days – Day 89

Oh, and in case you missed it… if you’re a resident of the US or Canada, I invite you to enter my Zazzle giveaway (found at the end of this post)… because I’d love to share some of this happiness with you. 🙂

100 Happy Days – Day 90

And now today’s happiness is brought to you by a sweet (literally and figuratively!) treat from a couple of our trivia team friends. Last night was the first time we’d met up together in a few weeks, and it reminded me of just how much fun I have when I’m with that particular group of people. Peter and I are so blessed to have them in our lives, and really treasure the times we all spend together.

100 Happy Days - Day 90

100 Happy Days – Day 90

And isn’t the photo on the card perfect for us?! It quite accurately represents the very reason why we’ve been reluctant to get the Christmas tree and decorations out this year (ahem… I’m looking at YOU, Felix and Oscar!). I suppose doing so would make for some good photo ops… though can’t say that I’m willing to sacrifice any of our breakables for the sake of amusement!

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