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100 Happy Days – Day 92

Wow, am I ever glad the day is done and I am back home! I spent the afternoon braving the slow-walking, middle-of-the-aisle-stopping, children-whining insanity that is Christmas shopping at the mall, and I am beat. But happy, too… because I stopped to check my post office box on the way home and was delighted to find these lovely “Be Kind” stickers from This is Plan Be waiting for me.

100 Happy Days - Day 92

100 Happy Days – Day 92

I love the idea behind their site – “a scheme for intentional good” – and am very interested to see how their experiment develops. I’m also going to have fun figuring out how to use my new stickers! Watch this space…

P.S. – Want some “Be Kind” stickers of your own? Visit this page and ask them to send you some!

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