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100 Happy Days – Day 83

Today’s happiness – no, utter delight! – is brought to you by a stack of envelopes, some pretty and inspirational washi tape, a pad of watercolour paper, and a regular, everyday, business-style planner that is slowly being transformed into my brand new art journal for 2015 (thanks to the inspiration found in one of my other happiness-providers, No Excuses Art Journaling: Making Time for Creativity by Gina Rossi Armfield).

100 Happy Days - Day 83

100 Happy Days – Day 83

It was so very satisfying to sit down with a pile of supplies and begin crafting something that will grow into a one-of-a-kind keepsake full of memories throughout the next year. I’m excited to see what develops!

You know, there is just so much love and appreciation in my heart for all that I am learning in my (relatively) newfound pursuit of new-to-me forms of art and creative expression.

I love that I am learning to get past the need for everything I produce to be perfect, measured, precise. Sometimes estimating, eyeballing, or making an educated guess does the trick just fine.

I love that I am learning to live with the flaws in my efforts – and, often, to embrace them – instead of giving up and walking away from a project.

I love that I am learning that sometimes “perfectly imperfect” is more desirable and beautiful anyway – like when I scrapped the scissors and instead used a metal ruler to create uneven, ripped edges on thick watercolour paper.

And I love that there will always be new skills to learn… new areas in which to grow… and new art to produce!

How do you express your creativity? Have you given any thought to trying something new in 2015, maybe to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone? There are so many exciting possibilities… I encourage you to pick something and give it a shot!

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