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100 Happy Days – Day 78

It was a gorgeous, sunny Saturday here in Windsor, and what did I do? Lucky me got to stay inside all day to wash load after load after load (after LOAD) of laundry – my own because I’d procrastinated for far too long, and Peter’s because he can’t get downstairs yet to do it himself.

Fun day, huh?!

But it wasn’t all boring. This morning brought a surprise delivery to our door – a huge “get well” basket full of goodies for Peter from his sister. So nice! And because Peter is a kind and sharing soul, I am now sitting down to relax with a cup of Organic Cream of Earl Grey tea and a few of the delicious and buttery mini shortbread cookies that were included in his gift.

100 Happy Days - Day 78

100 Happy Days – Day 78

So very happy-making – partly because of the kindness of the gift… partly because Peter is so sweet… partly because it feels great to relax and put my feet up after a busy and productive day… partly because this tea smells and tastes absolutely divine… partly because I adore shortbread cookies… and partly because these are my first shortbread cookies of the season, which means that Christmas is coming!

Sweet indeed.

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