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100 Happy Days – Day 68

This has been a rather stressful day for me, as we’ve been wrapping up the final preparations for Peter’s upcoming hip replacement surgery and the recovery time to follow. I’ve been pretty calm and together about it up until now, and have managed to keep myself distracted with other things, but it all suddenly hit me with a rush and I began to panic a little as I thought and worried about all that still needed to be done, the surgery itself, everything I’d have to do on my own for the next while as he’s healing, and so on. And to top it all off it started snowing this morning and continued at various times throughout the day, adding one more thing – shoveling the walk – to the already full “To Do” list.

Grump, grump, grump.

So I’m thinking it’s time for an emergency gratitude fix to bring things back into proper focus.

  • I’m grateful that hip surgery is possible, that Peter has an excellent surgeon, and that the surgery was scheduled so quickly with minimal wait time.
  • I’m grateful that this time we’re “just” dealing with a regular hip replacement instead of the rather nightmarish experience we went through previously.
  • I’m grateful for our country’s health care system which will cover all of the costs of this surgery.
  • I’m grateful for my company-paid extended medical plan which gives us the opportunity to upgrade Peter to a private or semi-private room (if one is available during his stay).
  • I’m grateful that Peter will soon be pain-free and on the mend.
  • I’m grateful that I am able to take a couple of days off work to be with and help him.
  • I’m grateful that we’ve been there, done that, and therefore know what to expect from the surgery and recovery time.
  • I’m grateful that we only got a little bit of snow in our part of the world. (So far!)
  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to breathe the crisp, fresh air and burn some calories (229, to be exact!) by getting out and shoveling the walk.
  • I’m grateful that I was able to pay back both sets of kind neighbours by shoveling their walk this time.

And now I’m grateful that I can don some warm slippers and crash on the couch with today’s happiness-bringer, my “Life is Good” (a timely reminder) mug filled with rich Nutella hot chocolate.

100 Happy Days - Day 68

100 Happy Days – Day 68

I think I’ve earned it.

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