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100 Happy Days – Day 62

Today’s happiness is brought to you by a joyful wave of phone calls, cards, gifts, and good wishes from family and friends as Peter and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. That’s a pretty fabulous milestone to reach, I’d say, and most definitely happy-making!

Never doubt I love

Never doubt I love

We were delighted to receive a surprise delivery from my sister today – a gift of some delicious chocolate-dipped fruit which was so pretty that I decided to make the picture I took my “official” 100 Happy Days photo. (Just ignore the missing piece of banana… I got all excited and helped myself to the contents of the box before I remembered to take the picture!)

100 Happy Days - Day 62

100 Happy Days – Day 62

Felix and Oscar were even able to get in on the action, as Dee thoughtfully included a helium-filled “Happy Anniversary” mylar balloon along with the fruit. Watching Oscar prancing along with the string in his mouth and the balloon trailing behind him was priceless… I SO wish I could have captured it on video!

Here they are checking it out – right before Felix attempted to take off with it and then freaked out when the string snagged on a dining room chair. Silly boy!

Oscar & Felix say Happy Anniversary to me & P - 15 years today!

Oscar & Felix say Happy Anniversary to me & P – 15 years today!

I’m betting there will be further cat vs. balloon adventures to come – stay tuned!

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