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100 Happy Days – Day 6

Well, I can’t say that today’s been a particularly happy day… more like an incredibly frustrating one! Why, you ask? Well, mostly because all of my time in between work and the other things I needed to do was spent attempting over and over (and over yet again) to return my beloved iPad to its usual setup after installing iOS 8 last night.

I’ve done this sort of thing before – upgrades, I mean – with no issues, and I wasn’t expecting any this time. Foolish mortal! Little did I know that in spite of faithfully making a full backup of everything right before I installed the update, the new operating system wouldn’t deign to recover the backup, and so all of my diligence was for naught.

Eventually, after much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, I hit on the idea of trying to restore it as a new iPad rather than from my backup, and… it worked! Yes, it means that I have a whole lot more work ahead of me in setting it up than if I’d managed to restore it from the backup, but whatever. It’s back, and working, so I don’t care!

Never did I imagine just how happy I would be to see a boring, unpersonalized startup screen… but after worrying that my iPad it might be permanently bricked I was over the moon! There’s nothing like thinking you’re going to lose something you love to make you appreciate getting it back… in whatever form. (Plus, I’ve actually been meaning to go through and delete a whole pile of apps that I just don’t use, and this kind of forces the issue. Not a bad thing!)

So today’s happiness, shallow though it might be, is brought to you by my newly-restored, fresh, clean iPad which decided to cooperate with my budget and stick around a little longer.

100 Happy Days - Day 6

100 Happy Days – Day 6

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