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100 Happy Days – Day 57

You might think that it’s a blogging challenge (or nightmare, depending on who you are!) to commit to writing and posting something every single day – and yes, some days it certainly can be. But truthfully, I find that it’s a far bigger struggle – to me, anyway – keeping up with reading other bloggers’ posts.

Thing is, I am connected or involved with several blogging support and networking groups, plus I have a number of long-time blogging friends – and let me tell you, they are prolific writers! My feed reader fills up quickly… and if I’m not diligent about checking out, reading, and commenting on new posts every single day, it doesn’t take long before they build up to the point where getting through them all becomes increasingly difficult (if not impossible).

And now it’s happened again.

I think it started with my travel last month, where blog reading fell pretty much completely by the wayside. Since then I’ve struggled to catch up, while the “unread posts” count in my feed reader has continued to grow at an alarming rate. I’ve been feeling more and more panicky and overwhelmed by what seems like an impossible task… so rather than let the stress build any further I decided to bite the bullet, cut my losses, and click on the “mark all posts as read” option in my feed reader.

And as soon as I did, I breathed a sigh of relief.

So today’s happiness is brought to you by a “no unread articles” refresh. Arriving at this status in my feed reader was admittedly a cheat… and I humbly apologize if I missed out on any of your posts!… but it was a necessary action, and I feel orders of magnitude better about life.

100 Happy Days - Day 57

100 Happy Days – Day 57

No promises – after all, I’m coming up to a rather stressful time with Peter’s impending surgery – but going forward, I’ll do my best to stay on top of my feed reader so that I don’t miss a single brilliant word that you write. 🙂

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