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100 Happy Days – Day 55

As a bit of background to today’s post, the company I work for in Victoria recently did a major upgrade of their phone system – and in doing so they were given a bunch of added capabilities, one of which was the option of connecting IP phones into the system for use by remote employees (AKA Yours Truly).

So today’s happiness is brought to you by my brand new IP phone! It was set up in my home office this week and the final programming was finished yesterday, so I was able to start using it properly today – and let me tell you, having this new little device at my fingertips is terrific!

100 Happy Days - Day 55

100 Happy Days – Day 55

So why on earth did a phone make me happy, anyway? I think it’s because the whole work from home thing is something I absolutely LOVE, and I hope to continue working for this company for the foreseeable future, and having this added means of communication available only helps to make things tick along that much more efficiently for all concerned. Now that my direct line rings through to me at my home office instead of going straight to voice mail, it’s helping me to be more connected with and accessible to my co-workers and our clients, even though I’m physically located across the country from them. (Realistically, I know there will be days when I’m stressed out with deadlines and that ease of accessibility WON’T feel like such a good thing, but for the most part I expect it to be a positive feature!)

Honestly? Not a day goes by that I don’t feel truly blessed to have the gift of a job situation that works so very, very perfectly for me. By working from home I can live anywhere… and by choosing to relocate to a city with a low cost of living I can reduce my work hours and have more time to pursue non-work interests (like blogging, and tangling, and iPhoneography, and, and, and…!).

I am fortunate indeed to work for a group of people who are so supportive, flexible, and accommodating – who go the extra mile to make this situation work for everyone. I never forget it, but this new phone is another happy reminder of the fact.

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