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100 Happy Days – Day 54

Today’s happiness is brought to you by several delightful little things: waking up to adorable “nose boops” from Felix… finding out that my photo of the day from yesterday was highlighted in the “Extraordinary Eight” on the FMS Photo A Day Facebook Groupa particularly delicious cup of coffee… the green-to-copper spectrum of autumn colours on the leaves of the massive tree outside my office window… and breathing in the spicy, exotic scent of a freshly-opened package of my favourite Nag Champa incense.

100 Happy Days - Day 54

100 Happy Days – Day 54

Are you a fan of incense? I love burning it, especially in the fall and winter. I still haven’t been able to find a store here in Windsor that carries this particular type, but thankfully I have a lovely sister in Victoria who has been known to package some up and ship it to me when my supplies run low!

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