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100 Happy Days – Day 43

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know that I love organization. Along those lines, you might even remember that in spite of my adoration for electronic gadgets (particularly my iPhone), I actually prefer using a paper planner to organize my schedule and document the happenings in my life. (I wrote about it here, if you’re interested in reading more!)

The planner I’ve been using since January of this year is a Personal-size Filofax, and I love it. I use it as both planner and wallet, and carry it with me wherever I go. While I was in Victoria I picked up a package of Filofax refills for 2015 (thankfully they have a store that carries such things, unlike Windsor!), and between now and January will be poking away at getting the pages set up for the new year.

One of the features I’d added to my current planner was colourful sticky tabs as month indexes. They were functional, but rather big and clunky, so for my 2015 refills I decided to find something a bit more suitable. In my search I stumbled across some lovely printable month index tabs on Pinterest, which turned out to be EXACTLY what I wanted! I shrunk them down to 1/4 size, printed them on a sheet of light card stock, and cut them out by hand before applying them to the pages of my planner refills.


100 Happy Days - Day 43

100 Happy Days – Day 43

So basically this post is a long and convoluted way of telling you that today’s happiness is brought to you by my fancy schmancy new homemade month index tabs. Happy because I found something so perfect for my needs, happy because I happened to have a random piece of card stock on hand that I’d salvaged from something else, happy because I didn’t mess up on the cutting and application of the tabs, and happy because talented people generously make their creative and useful work available to the rest of us!

Sometimes it really doesn’t take much to make me happy. Today was one of those days. 🙂

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