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100 Happy Days – Day 15

Today’s happiness is brought to you – in advance – by this evening’s planned games night with friends. Sure, it hasn’t happened yet, but it makes me happy knowing that I have a fun time ahead of me, so I figure it totally counts as today’s happy thing!

100 Happy Days - Day 15

100 Happy Days – Day 15

Are you a fan of board or card games? Which are your favourites? I have several I enjoy, including the ones in the photo, but my absolute most beloved game of all time has got to be Dutch Blitz. Love, love, love that game (even if Peter doesn’t!), could play it for hours, and am actually rather good at it – if I do say so myself (which is quite possibly why he doesn’t particularly enjoy playing it with me!).

Unfortunately my set of Dutch Blitz cards seems to have disappeared (*eyebrows raised in Peter’s direction*), so unless they turn up in the next little while I won’t be bringing them tonight… but I know we’ll have plenty of other amusements to keep us busy.

Love my friends, love getting together, love board games… plus, it’s another unbelievably gorgeous fall day. Life is good!

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