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100 Happy Days – Day 1

Over the past several months I’ve noticed a number of friends participating in a challenge called 100 Happy Days, where every day for 100 days they submit a picture of what made them happy that day. Fabulous idea, don’t you think? This sort of thing is right up my alley, and I’ve always thought about joining in on the fun – well, this afternoon I finally took the plunge, so my 100 happy days start right now!

I’ll be posting my photos on Instagram each day, but will also share them here on Alphabet Salad (either in between, as part of, or in addition to my regularly-scheduled posts).

So let’s go!

Today’s happiness is brought to you by all the elements of a solo afternoon writing date at Starbucks: being tucked away at a spacious corner table with laptop, pumpkin scone, and Caffé Americano… the grinder’s crunching whirr and pungent aroma of freshly-ground beans… hearing a lounge-y sounding version of “Lola” that brought a smile to my face… the frothing hiss of the steamer… and subtly eavesdropping on the middle-aged couple at the table next to me who were meeting for their first date (which turned out to be a success, because as they left they exchanged phone numbers and planned to meet for dinner this week).

100 Happy Days - Day 1

100 Happy Days – Day 1

What made you happy today?
Please share!

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